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The Do-It-Yourself Option!

It's easy to get started! First, you'll need to complete your tax return (if you need any tax forms, you can find links to download federal and state forms here). After you have self-prepared your tax return (by hand or use of computer software) you can trust AmeriFile to get your tax refund back fast while triple checking your tax figures!






With the options above, AmeriFile allows you to save money by preparing your own tax return and completing our easy e-file kit. Prepare your own tax return and be worry free! AmeriFile gives you the peace of mind that the I.R.S. will receive the most accurate return possible. After preparing your own tax return - know that before we transmit to the IRS - it is put through our exclusive TaxINSURE™ technology which checks calculation accuracy and for missing forms. We eliminate most errors that cause refund delays and many times find Uncle Sam owes you even more! For only $20 or $30 we will computerize your completed return, triple check it for ommissions, and e-file it to the IRS to get your refund back fast. Deducting your fee out of your refund still applies!

So, you're not a do-it-yourselfer? No problem! Call us for a quote to prepare your taxes for you. This year with all of the new tax law changes that will affect your refund, please consider having AmeriFile prepare your taxes for you! AmeriFile can prepare all of your tax forms and schedules for a very reasonable fee. Call today for a quote or simply bring us your tax info. No appt. needed. We also offer a COUPON for $30 OFF TAX PREPARATION!


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AmeriFile EFile Kit


AmeriFile allows you to save even more money by preparing your own tax return and completing our easy e-file kit, more...

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